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Sound Absorption Panels

Sound Absorption Panels

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Premium Quality Sound Absorption Panels - Beveled Edge

600mm x 600mm x 9mm panel available in black or white

● 100% polyester fibre ● High density of 230kg/m3 ● Superior performance over acoustic foams and other traditional acoustic panels with lower densities

Reduce Sound Reflections

● Effectively reduce excess noise reverberation ● Sound absorption of 90% @ 3Khz - 5Khz ● Significantly reduce unwanted noise ● Eliminate sound impurities ● Improve speech intelligibility


● Rich natural look texture ● Modern design appearance ● Beveled edge (or square edge available upon request)

Environmental conservation

● Dense environmentally friendly polyester material ● National testing institute and safety certificate

Highly fire retardant

● Polyester fireproof material, special processing technology ● Excellent flame retardant and fireproof performance

Widely Applicable

● Professional audio-visual equipment rooms ● Professional performing arts rooms ● Home studios / Podcast studios ● Home and Public theatres ● Professional studios ● Indoor gymnasiums ● Conference rooms ● Concert halls ● Vocal booths ● Classrooms ● Offices ● Hotels


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