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LD Systems

LD Systems 4 Channel Amplifier

LD Systems 4 Channel Amplifier

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Professional 4-channel installation amplifier

Good sound belongs everywhere - in the hotel lobby, in conference rooms, in schools and houses of worship. Demands are constantly increasing, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of flexibility. Permanently installed and still flexible? This apparent contradiction can be resolved by the IPA Series DSP-based installation amplifiers.

The IPA 424 T is a professional, four-channel installation power amplifier with 4 x 240 watts. While the 70V/100V outputs are equipped with high quality toroidal core transformers, the low impedance 4-Ohm outputs are completely transformerless and guarantee the highest possible audio quality. The DSP functions include, amongst others, a parametric EQ with matching speaker library, dynamic tools, a matrix mixer, priority source selection and delay.

Despite this range of functions, the IPA Series power amps are easy to operate. Important functions such as signal, limit, protection and bridge mode are easily visible via the LEDs on the front panel.

HPF/LPF presets can be enabled directly on the device via DIP switches. The IPA 424 T is already prepared for remote control using future remote panels and paging microphones from LD Systems. The back-panel slot provides expansion card connectivity for additional future-proofing. The Ethernet card offers comprehensive configurability and management via software. The Ethernet+Dante card also offers Dante audio networking capabilities and connection to a wide range of Dante-enabled devices, in order to integrate the IPA 424 T into the Dante network and resolve more complex tasks.

Times are changing; rooms are redivided or rededicated, numbers of attendees increase or decrease based on unforeseen events, but with the IPA Series DSP-supported power amps, your installation is prepared for any situation. Scalability and future-proofing are the biggest advantages of the IPA Series. Its energy efficiency is also ideal thanks to the class-D technology and switchable auto standby.

The IPA 412 T variant with 4 x 120 watts is available for smaller installations.

Powerful class D power amplifier with 4 x 240 W (IPA 424 T) or 4 x 120 W (IPA 412 T) at 4 Ohm (transformer bypass) or 70V/100V outputs through toroidal core transformer

Stereo/parallel/bridge mode selector switch per channel pair

4 balanced line inputs and 4 speaker outputs with terminal block connections

User-friendly front panel with signal, limit, protection, mute and bridge mode LEDs per channel and clipping LEDs for the inputs

Speaker protection circuits: DSP limiter, overcurrent, direct current, overheating, short circuit as well as switchable auto standby mode

DSP presets with HPF and LPF which can be activated via DIP switches

REMOTE audio and control bus based on CAN architecture (Controller Area Network)

Equipped for future LD Systems remote control panels and paging microphones

Slot for future optional expansion cards for Ethernet or Ethernet + Dante

Optional accessories: 19" L-bearing rails, length 450 mm

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