Project LIFT : Taking Gold Coast to New Heights : Gold Coast Airport Master Plan Update

GOLD COAST, the good news is a significant expansion and redevelopment program called Project LIFT which is already underway and now there is a new Gold Coast Airport Master Plan currently in its public consultation phase.

Here's a breakdown of the key details we know so far:

Project LIFT (complete):

  • Increased capacity to handle more passengers.
  • Expanded terminal building.
  • Additional aircraft parking stands.
  • Consolidated ground transport facility.

New Master Plan (proposed):

  • Focus on creating a more modern and efficient airport experience.
  • Timeline: 20 years, with a detailed focus on the first 8 years leading up to the 2032 Olympics.
  • Transformation of the surrounding area into a destination itself.
  • Key additions:
    • Retail village
    • Health and wellness hub
    • Conference and tech center
  • Sustainability focus throughout the development.
  • Public consultation period: March 18, 2024 – June 14, 2024 


The Gold Coast, Australia's famed tourist destination, is set for an exciting future with the completion of Project LIFT at Gold Coast Airport. This ambitious expansion project isn't just about bigger planes and more flights; it's about unlocking a wave of economic benefits and solidifying the Gold Coast's position as a world-class tourism hub.

A Smoother Journey for Travelers

Project LIFT has transformed the travel experience. The expanded terminal means shorter queues, more spacious waiting areas, and potentially a wider range of shops and restaurants to explore while waiting for your flight. Imagine grabbing a coffee from a local Gold Coast roaster or browsing through souvenirs that capture the region's unique spirit. Additionally, a consolidated ground transport facility promises a seamless transition between the airport and your final destination on the Gold Coast.

Boost for Tourism and Business

The increased capacity at the airport translates to more flight options. This opens the door to attracting a wider range of tourists, from budget travelers to luxury seekers. More visitors mean a boost for local businesses, from hotels and restaurants to theme parks and adventure tours. Project LIFT isn't just about leisure either. The improved facilities and potential for new business centers within the airport precinct could make the Gold Coast a more attractive destination for conferences and corporate events.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Project LIFT wasn't just about construction; it created jobs. During the development phase, thousands of positions were available, and with a growing airport comes a continued need for staff in various sectors, from security and customer service to retail and hospitality. This translates to a positive impact on the local economy, with more people having disposable income to spend in the community.

A Gateway that Reflects the Gold Coast

Project LIFT isn't just about functionality; it's about creating a space that reflects the essence of the Gold Coast. The vision for the surrounding area includes a retail village, potentially showcasing local brands and products. This allows visitors to get a taste of the Gold Coast's unique character even before they step outside the airport.

Project LIFT is more than just an airport expansion; it's a vision for the future of the Gold Coast. By enhancing the travel experience, attracting more visitors, and creating jobs, Project LIFT is poised to take the Gold Coast to even greater heights.


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